Seamless Workplaces
Integrated Cloud Solutions to Manage Businesses Efficiently

What is NEOREKA Cloud?

NEOREKA Cloud helps you to create dynamic and high functional virtual desktop which can be accessed from any device, anywhere, anytime.
The Daas (Desktop-as-service) technology enabled centralized management system comes with high security features to enhance your enterprise mobility, letting your workforce to smartly switch to “work from home” mode.

Why to Choose NEOREKA Cloud?

Cost-effective Cloud Solutions

Improved data security with flexible & secure virtual ecosystem

Centralized & easy management to simplify administration


Comprehensive System

Easy to access from any device, anytime and anywhere, NEOREKA Cloud allows assigning each software to a user


Top Level Security

The cloud-hosted platform is firewalled and accessed through secure authentication.


Licensed & App-store Experience

An extensive app store provides continuous access to a whole range of pre-licensed software