Bespoke Solutions
Customized Applications for Amplified Productivity

What is AppSuite?

AppSuite is the new-age business tool to create applications that can be customized to your precise work needs. In 4 simple steps you can digitize all the time-consuming daily operations to a centrally managed system. With AppSuite, enhance your operational efficiency by doing away with documentation, spreadsheets and e mails.

Why to Choose AppSuite?

Customized business process

Enhanced operational efficiency

Centrally aggregated system


Easy to Customize

Simple drag and drop feature to customize apps, no need for any IT skills


Graphical Interface

Easy to integrate interface to run reports instantaneously, easy to check and saves time.


Industry- agnostic Approach

Apps can be tailored to suit specific requirements of all businesses


Extensive Access to Apps

Expand the range of desknet’s NEO, by adding AppSuite’s newly customized apps

View and Share

Data will be automatically aggregated and can be shared on desknet’s NEO Portal. Ease the analyzing and reporting works.

Custom Your Original Apps

Customize apps that fit to your works with high functionality parts by just drag-and-drop. No IT skills are required.

More & more Applications

Using desknet’s NEO as a platform, the created apps can be used as additional functions of desknet’s NEO. AppSuite can expand the range of use of the groupware.